Comedy, Clown, Mime, Improvisation, German Wheel, Acrobatics, Gym Wheel, Variety, show. Martin Varallo and Dominique Major have performed around the world for over 16 years and performed with the worlds top companies like Cirque Du Soleil and at the top variety venues, Teatro Zinzanni and Pomp, Duck and Circumstance.

Martin Varallo - You The Biscuit. Web designer, Flash Designer, CSS, HTML and illustartor. He is an artist and web designer using the latest technologies and applications.

Martin Varallo, Dominique Major. Mat Velvet and Charlie Show. German Wheel, Comedy, Circus
Mat and Charlie in Edmonton Dominique Major performing a coin spin in her German Wheel Dominique Major as Charlie Martin Varallo as Mat Velvet getting into the zone Dominique Major German Wheel

MatVelvet and Cahrlie Show... I have a cape

Here you will find special things that we create for you our friends and adoring public.

We will be creating wallpapers, interactive Mat Velvet Explorer, "Must stash the moustache" game, T-shirts, cuddly toys and bits if Mat Velvets costume for exhorbitant prices.

All this and more coming soon...



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Martin Varallo and Dominique Major - Mat Velvet and Charlie



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Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil on board Celebrity Cruise Ship the Constellation

Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Martin Varallo world class MC in Montreal

Martin Varallo as the MC at the NWSCAS & IEEE Conference, Montreal 2007.

Dominique Major performing in Cirque Du Soleil with Celebrity Cruises

Dominique Major peforming her wheel routine with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Dominique Major German wheel female duo - Chicago

Dominique Major performing as part of her Duo female wheel routine, Chicago.