Comedy, Clown, Mime, Improvisation, German Wheel, Acrobatics, Gym Wheel, Variety, show. Martin Varallo and Dominique Major have performed around the world for over 16 years and performed with the worlds top companies like Cirque Du Soleil and at the top variety venues, Teatro Zinzanni and Pomp, Duck and Circumstance.<p>Mat and Charlie, two ex Cirque Du Soleil performers joining forces to bring you the very best in comedy and skill
Martin Varallo, Dominique Major. Mat Velvet and Charlie Show. German Wheel, Comedy, Circus
Mat and Charlie in Edmonton Dominique Major performing a coin spin in her German Wheel Dominique Major as Charlie Martin Varallo as Mat Velvet getting into the zone Dominique Major German Wheel

MatVelvet and Cahrlie Show... I have a cape

Mat Velvet and Charlie have been touring more and more at International Children's Festivals and in schools. Download our NEW brochure CLICK HERE.

This connects with the opening of Dominuqe and Martin's new circus school, FLiP, in Ste-Adele, Quebec. With out reach teaching programs, masterclasses and a whole circus curriculum at their school, performing in schools in th enext logical step.

Please feel free to download our study guide and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

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Study guide for schools, Mat Velvte and Charlie show


The feedback from the schools, principals, teachers and students has been phenomenal. Here's just a taste;

"One of the best school performances I have seen. Our students very much enjoyed the show and appreciated the audience participation especially seeing one of their teachers being included in the performance. I highly recommend The Mat Velvet and Charlie Show."

Steve Newlove, Vice-Principal, Bayside School


"In 33 years of cultural performances this is the first time I have heard the children call for an encore!!!"

Dan Costain, Principal, Queneesh Elementary School, Vancouver Island, B.C.


"The children and teachers LOVED your performance. The teachers said it was one of the best school shows they have ever seen."

Jill Payne, Grade One Teacher, Hazelgrove Elementary, Surrey, B.C.


"Hello Martin, the feedback from the staff is that it was a wonderful show! The students loved it too :0)"

Colline Johnson, Harwood Elementary, Vernon, B.C.



Je tenais à vous remercier encore pour un excellent spectacle cet après-midi!
Les élèves ont vraiment apprécié votre prestation, et les profs aussi! Passez une excellente semaine!"

Annie St-Jean, W L Seaton Secondary School, Vernon, B.C.


"Thanks so much for today's performance!!! The students and staff loved it. So enthralling and entertaining! "

Rick Miller, Principal, Mountview Elementary, Williams Lake, B.C.


"Hi there to Mat Velvet and Charlie and your adorable children!

At Bayside Middle School your show was so riveting that the students sat there without moving for the whole time!

This is extremely unusual and I can think that it is due to the fantastic way you entertained and surprised them. Your show was perfect for the students as it demonstrated high skill, humour, surprise elements, their favorite teachers and sincere and genuine answers to all their questions!

I highly recommend it to other schools!!

Thanks so much for coming by. I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful!"

Shirley Elm, Principal of Bayside Middle School


The tour was of over 40 schools in British Columbia in conjunction with ArtStarts.



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Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil on board Celebrity Cruise Ship the Constellation

Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Martin Varallo world class MC in Montreal

Martin Varallo as the MC at the NWSCAS & IEEE Conference, Montreal 2007.

Dominique Major performing in Cirque Du Soleil with Celebrity Cruises

Dominique Major peforming her wheel routine with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Dominique Major German wheel female duo - Chicago

Dominique Major performing as part of her Duo female wheel routine, Chicago.