Comedy, Clown, Mime, Improvisation, German Wheel, Acrobatics, Gym Wheel, Variety, show. Martin Varallo and Dominique Major have performed around the world for over 16 years and performed with the worlds top companies like Cirque Du Soleil and at the top variety venues, Teatro Zinzanni and Pomp, Duck and Circumstance.<p>Mat and Charlie, two ex Cirque Du Soleil performers joining forces to bring you the very best in comedy and skill

News snippets about Mat velvet and Charlie

New logo and character design on its way...

Mat Velvet and Chalrie Show Logo

AND . . . He really is the WHEEL THING!!

Mat Velvet and Charlie Show. The Wheel thing


Back home after an intense week long Circus Camp in Saskatoon. We were teaching ove a 100 kids floor acrobatics, trampoline, juggling an dobject manipulation. FANTASTIC time with great people. Will be back in June for the Children's Festival.

Circus coaching and teaching camp, Saskatoon

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We have produced a study guide to go hand in hand with the show for Childrens Festivals and schools, take a look here

Mat and Charlie Study Guide for Childrens Festivals and school shows

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BIG news !!!

We have just bought a church and set up the first Circus School in the Laurentians, Québec. Its called FLIP and everyone is welcome. Dominique and Martin have a huge background in circus arts, trampolining and acrobatics and we are passing that on tot he next super talented generation.

Check it out:

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May 23rd 2012. Well ladies and gentleman we have arrived in Penticton BC, beautiful sunny Penticton. We are here for the Okanagan International Children's Festival where we will be not only performing but teaching. So if your in the area come and say hi and join in. If your not in the area get here quick!

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Well we mangaed 54 shows over 18 days at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Great weather, great times and great audiences made for a fun if not slightly burnt forehead time...

Mat Velvet and Charlie perform at CNE. German wheel stars

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We have a new postcard we are sending out as a little reminder, souvenir and contact point. If you'd like one drop us a line.

Mat Velvet and Charlie postcard

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We are off to London to Film a 3 minute version of the show for The Slammer on BBC. We'll keep you posted or the air date so check back soon.

Just returned from Saint John, New Brunswick. It was the 20th anniversary of the Street Festival and it was great time, thanks Saint John.

We've been wrapped up in many projects, including directing a new show with the highly talented, Duo Voltart, Mercedes Chenard and Eric B, many coprorate events and getting involved in those half time shows . . .

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Dominique Major interview - St Julie press

Mat and Charlie in Edmonton

Dominique Major performing a coin spin in her German Wheel

Dominique Major as Charlie

Martin Varallo as Mat Velvet getting into the zone

Dominique Major German Wheel

Here's a little review of our show at the CNE in Toronto over the summer. Click here. Give it a quick read and drop us a line with your thoughts. Dont forget to go over to our Facebook page and like us and become our friend to find out more of our upcoming dates. Thanks.

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MonterigieWeb ~ Click here to read the full article.

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Oh yes MEDIA frenzy over the last month or so. Here are links to two recent articles for newspapers. Click on the link to read and get the low down.

Dominique Major Interview

L'Express interview during the Toronto Busker Festival. Click here to read the full article.

Dominique Major - German Wheel - Mat Velvet and Charlie Show

Also an article in L'information, Quebec.

MatVelvet and Cahrlie Show... I have a cape

Catch the show...



Where's my Blimp?

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Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil on board Celebrity Cruise Ship the Constellation

Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Martin Varallo world class MC in Montreal

Martin Varallo as the MC at the NWSCAS & IEEE Conference, Montreal 2007.

Dominique Major performing in Cirque Du Soleil with Celebrity Cruises

Dominique Major peforming her wheel routine with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Dominique Major German wheel female duo - Chicago

Dominique Major performing as part of her Duo female wheel routine, Chicago.